Some recent interactions.

Buying a dish of food court lasagna. While it was reheating the proprietor talked about the ingredients he used, where they came from, showed me the cheese that went into the dish, etc. I didn’t actually care, I was just looking for fast food, but he really wanted to show the quality of his product. And he threw in some meatballs for no extra charge.

Looking to replace a good product that I’ve worn out. Can’t find one anywhere so went to the manufacturer’s website. They still show that product in their catalogue, but don’t seem to have online sales. I emailed them asking where in my region I might buy one of these products. It’s been some days and no reply.

Shopping for a van. Stopped in at a Chevrolet dealer where they had lots of passenger vans, but none of the cargo version. Salesman told me they would locate one for me to see and would phone. It’s been a few days and no phone call.

Of these three businesses, which would I likely return to and recommend?
Which is going belly-up?

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