Android on Freerunner: Second Impressions

I’ve had Android on my Freerunner for a week now. I think it drops calls more than OM2008 did, but am not sure whether it’s Android or just the network and where I’ve been with the phone.

Yesterday I thought I had a show-stopper when I found I could not retrieve pages with the phone. I use a pager because the local calling area for the legacy phone company (Telus) where I live is much smaller than the area I work in. The pager allows me to have two phone numbers on one device, giving customers in a wider area numbers to call me on without having to pay long distance. With Android it seemed that DTMF was not being sent while in a call, meaning I could not retrieve pages.

I was about to go back to OM2008 or maybe try SHR, but discovered that Koolu has released Android Beta 7! Installed Beta 7 and the DTMF problem is fixed! So, still playing with it….

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