Android on Freerunner: Third Impressions

Well, they don’t call it beta for nothing. Having the DTMF problem fixed helped, but I had to give up on Android on my Freerunner for daily use. The audio buzz that was occasionally a nuisance under other distros on the Freerunner was usually a nuisance under Android. I was stubbornly working with that, but then I got a call from a customer wondering where I was. They had left a message on my cell number and I had not seen any message notification on the Freerunner. Turned out I had missed a bunch of messages. That’s a show stopper for me.

I decided that I needed something that would just work for work. I can play with the Freerunner outside of work. So I looked for something basic and inexpensive and found it in the Motorola W233 (post to follow). With a bit of sadness I transferred the SIM card from the Freerunner to the W233.

Disappointment over Freerunner troubles was short lived as this became another one of those times where things seem to happen for a reason. I picked up the W233 yesterday afternoon and in this morning’s email I find that SDG Systems is offering the Freerunner buzz fix in North America! The customer pays shipping but receives a Freerunner battery in return and the buzz fix, not a trivial procedure, is free. Thank you SDG Systems and Openmoko!

So, with temp phone in hand (and the Bush regime gone) I can send my Freerunner to the States for surgical enhancement. I’m looking forward to a buzz-free Freerunner. While I wait I’ll pick up a couple of microSD cards to make swapping distros easier. Maybe by the time the Freerunner returns, Android on Freerunner might reach 1.0?!



SDG Systems
Freerunner buzz fix

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