W233 Renew Voice Memo Update

If you happened to catch my first post on the Motorola W233 Renew (June 5) you’ll know there was a question of whether or not the phone could do voice memos.

Fido’s website said that the W233 can do voice memos, but I could not find that feature in the W233 menus. So I called Motorola and after quite a while on the phone was told that the W233 can not do voice memos.

So I phoned Fido to suggest that they correct the information on their website. After quite a while on the phone Fido told me that the W233 can do voice memos, but that it is a hardware feature not a service feature so I would have to call Motorola to find out how.

So I phoned Motorola and after quite a while on the phone was told that they would get back to me. That never happened.

So I emailed Motorola on June 28. The next day I received a reply from Motorola which said, in part, “The feature is not available in the menu of your phone.”

That got me wondering whether the hardware was present to do voice memo, but not the software. Might software be available in future? Or — and here’s where I’ve been spoiled by my Openmoko Freerunner — could a user add their own software? Perhaps this phone could run a python interpreter? So I posted my new questions to a Motorola users forum at https://supportforums.motorola.com A very friendly support forums manager named Mark soon replied that he would contact the product team and look into the voice memo question. I await further news there.

I also emailed Fido with an excerpt from the email from Motorola and again suggested that Fido correct the information on their website.

Today, July 3, I got an email back from Fido saying that my email has been forwarded to their website team and that the info on W233 features will be updated.

So there it sits. I’m a bit disappointed that the W233 can’t do voice memos. It will be interesting to see what response comes on the Motorola user forum. I’ll be very surprised (and pleased!) if there is any way for an owner to add software to the phone.

I learned a bit about the cell phone business too. I always thought that if a phone had a capability you got that capability when you bought the phone. Not so! Your phone may be crippled by the carrier you get service from! From a W755 thread on the Motorola forum (Mark again, he must be a busy guy);

“Unfortunately Verizon restricts the transfer of pictures and ringtones via USB cable. The drivers you downloaded are for charging via USB and are used in conjunction with Motorola Phone Tools. Motorola Phone Tools usage is restricted to Contact and Calendar connectivity only per Verizon’s restriction. You must purchase ringtones directly from Verizon or use MMS to send them to your Email address.”

Such evil! Imagine if there was truth in advertising. “We’ve crippled some of your phone’s built in capabilities in order to pick your pocket better. Thank you for choosing Verizon.”

The more I learn, the more I like my Freerunner.

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