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SHR likin’ this phone!

12 December 2009

Had a few minutes to play with SHR on my Freerunner just now. Installed bluez4 — opkg install bluez4 — so I can use bluetooth between my Freerunner and N800. Or at least I hope so. I’ve never used bluetooth so am not sure how to proceed. Then happened to see that SHR has gpe-filemanager. I use some gpe apps on the N800, so — opkg install gpe-filemanager. Looks great!

Then thinking “Hmm. What if….” — opkg install xournal — and sure enough there it is! Xournal on my Freerunner! Now that is going to be handy.

Like the heading says, I’m shr likin’ this phone!

Freerunner – SHR, first impressions

5 December 2009

Wow, where have I been? Oh well, I’m back and I got bored with OM2009 on the Freerunner. Not pretty enough I suppose. Also I wanted to run a little Python/Sqlite3 program that I’m working on. So I thought I’d try Debian. No I didn’t check whether I could run a Python/Sqlite3 app on OM2009. I never promised to be rational.

The Debian install script couldn’t partition the SD card because I had set up bind-home on it, so that partition on the SD card was in use as /home/root.

How to deal with that? I know, a sledge hammer! So I flashed SHR and Qi to the phone. That took care of the bind-home problem, but the Debian install script still wouldn’t complete. Each attempt seemed to generate different errors and it was late. I tried setting INST_MIRROR to different mirrors. Got different errors. No joy. Went to bed.

Next day, started playing with SHR. It’s pretty cool! And pretty! And Cool! It uses Illume to provide the ‘desktop’ environment. There is an easy to use slider for unlocking the screen. There’s Alarms, Calc (Not the OOo Calc, but a calculator app), Notes, Pidgin, Sketchbook, TangoGPS, Terminal and the usual phone apps; Dialer, Contacts, PhoneLog. There are some games including Numpty Physics which is something I’ve never looked at before but think I’ll be wasting lots of time with now.

The call volume is great and there are sliders on the screen for volume and mic. DTMF works! Speakerphone works!

Better yet, USB networking worked without any fiddling and a quick “opkg install sqlite3” put Sqlite3 on the Freerunner and the Python/Sqlite3 app I’ve been working on runs just fine on it!

According the the OpenMoko Wiki about 60% of Freerunner users are running SHR and the majority of OM developers went to SHR. It shows! It’s not perfect. The calculator doesn’t work and I haven’t been able to get Mokonnect to connect to my WPA2 WIFI, but overall I’m impressed so far. I might just use this for a while.