One thing I love about *nix

I use Xournal all the time on my N800. It allows me to take notes and sketches freehand rather than having to type on a little keyboard. Freehand is messier, but MUCH faster.

When I erase in Xournal I always use the eraser in its ‘delete strokes’ mode. I don’t know why that is not the default eraser mode. Fortunately nearly everything in Gnu/Linux (and other *nixes I think) has configuration files.

Had a look at the Xournal user manual and sure enough “Xournal’s configuration settings are saved to the file ~user/.xournal/config”. So on the N800 “vi ~/.xournal/config” change a “0” to a “2” and tada! Delete strokes is now my default.

Configuration files. I love that about *nix.

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