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What did you do next summer?

21 February 2010

I was working on the roof today. It felt like June, maybe July. It’s February. That got me thinking about fish, fires, fruit growing and the like. Maybe I’m just not searching well, but I couldn’t find anything on how this weather is going to affect things as we meander through 2010.

So, lacking any authorative info, here are a few of my thoughts.

There will be forest fires. Are there things you can do to prepare?

The fish, particularly salmon … I’m torn between learning more about how I might make a difference or just taking an “eat ’em while they still exist” attitude.

If you’re a gardener or you like washing your car you may want to invest in a couple of good sized rain barrels. Your municipality may offer them for a good price. Failing that, you may find some at hardware stores and agricultural supply type places.

Also if you’re a gardener, or even if you’re not, you may want to look at growing some of your own fruits and vegetables. Whatever you have time and room for. Food is going to be more expensive, making growing your own a valuable pass time in addition to being good for the soul.

I’m told there will be lots of slugs this year. One thing you can do to help with that is ring your plants with copper. Slugs don’t like crossing copper.

Right now I’m enjoying this February summer, but I think we’d do well to think about what’s next.

Olympics, Good or Bad

16 February 2010

I was on the fence about whether the Olympics here is good or bad. Then on TV I saw the protesters.

“Smash window!”

“Spray paint car!”

Wow! Compelling arguments indeed! Then came “push newspaper boxes into street!” and I was convinced.

Thank goodness we have people who can hide their faces and speak so eloquently on the issues.

btw; if you wanted to mute legitimate protest in a country like Canada, be it at Olympics or WTO or whatever, how would you do it?
a) ignore it and hope it goes away?
b) use heavy handed police tactics?
c) hire a few thugs to give the media something to focus on that will also create intolerance toward any sort of protest in the minds of the public?

Nah, that ‘c’ is just too crazy, eh?