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Debian on Freerunner!

13 April 2010

As the prompt at the end of the Debian install suggested, I hoped for the best and I think I got it! Freerunner Debian screenshot

Originally the Debian desktop used trayer to house the openmoko-panel-plugin at the top of the display, but that didn’t give me a menu for convenient launch of added applications. I changed to fbpanel (apt-get fbpanel) which is quite configurable and gives me the menu to easily launch apps I use like Gnumeric and Xournal. To make the change I just commented out trayer and added fbpanel to the .xsession file.

My .xsession file:

#trayer --edge top &
fbpanel &
openmoko-panel-plugin &
zhone &
#wicd-client --no-animate &
exec matchbox-window-manager -use_titlebar no -use_cursor no

The commented out wicd line was original.


Debian on Freerunner?

12 April 2010

I once had Debian running on my Freerunner. Recently all attempts to install using have failed. After many frustrating hours it was set aside. Today I happened upon a Verbatim microSD card I’d forgotten I had. Previous failures had been on Kingston cards. Seemed worth a try with the Verbatim.

I found the current, chose my environment variables and set it going while I went grocery shopping. Much to my surprise I returned home to find the Freerunner terminal reading

I: All done!
Now reboot, and hope for the best!

So that is what I’ll do!

Maybe I just like conspiracy theories …

10 April 2010

The plane carrying the Polish president crashed in Russia today. All on-board were lost, including Poland’s army chief, Deputy Foreign Minister, the central bank governor, head of the National Security Office, the navy chief commander, deputy parliament speaker, Olympic Committee head and civil rights commissioner.

How could this happen? Looking on-line for an answer to that, I find that the pilot apparently ignored air traffic controllers and tried to land in dense fog at an airport that lacks instrument landing equipment. I also find much chatter about how unsafe the Tu-154 aircraft is.

The first I don’t know what to think of. Does a pilot make that choice? Particularly a pilot carrying a nation’s president?

The second lead me to look up the Tu-154. 66 crashes in 40-odd years sounds bad, but why? Terrorist bomb, mid-air collision, crash into snowplows on runway, shot down, ran out of fuel, maintenance error, crew forgot to put down landing gear(!), exceeded angle of attack, ran into a mountain …. There are a few that look like some sort of aircraft failure, but most look like human error. I don’t think this is an unsafe aircraft.

Russian Prime Minister Putin is overseeing the investigation.

I can’t help wondering.

Gnumeric on KDE Netbook

3 April 2010

I use my Acer Aspire One running Mandriva/KDE for most of my computing these days and to keep things snappy I prefer applications that are light. Yes, I do recognize the contradiction in that statement! Anyway, for spreadsheet work I like Gnumeric. Working on a new invoicing form today I tried to do a print preview from Gnumeric and got an error that Evince wasn’t found.

Funny that I haven’t used print preview before. Tried to install Evince, but urpmi said it was going to take 107MB with dependencies. Space on the internal storage of this machine is at a premium so I didn’t really want 107MB just to do print preview from Gnumeric. How to make it use Okular, which is already installed?

Well, it turns out that the call to Evince is a GTK thing, not a Gnumeric thing. To fix it add a file ~/.gtkrc-2.0.mine with the line

gtk-print-preview-command="okular %f"

It’s just that simple!