Once more on Service

Saturday, brother and I went to Rona for another 4×8′ sheet of 1/4″ Hardibacker. There we were told they didn’t stock 4×8′ sheets, only 3×5′ sheets. We both thought we had bought 4×8′ sheets at that Rona before. Must have been the other Rona. Oh well.

Monday, I went to the other Rona. Girl inside says Hardibacker is in the drive through. So I drive through and am told they only have 3×5′ sheets. Girl at the exit gate insists on seeing inside the back of my vehicle, which I find offensive but don’t bother arguing over. She opens the gate, I pull out and park in the lot to phone Home Depot. While I’m on the phone a management-looking guy comes out and walks a circle around my vehicle. I’m a little more offended.

Over the phone the guy from the local Home Depot says they don’t have building supplies. Weird, eh? It’s a small Home Depot though. The big Home Depot further away says they only have 3×5′ sheets.

We had bought 4×8′ sheets somewhere! I drive over to Dick’s Lumber. They only have 3×5′ sheets. So I drive to the big Home Depot hoping maybe the guy on the phone was mistaken. Sure enough he was mistaken. They don’t have 3×5′ sheets either. They don’t have Hardibacker at all. Similar products, but not Hardibacker.

So fine. It had to have been Rona where we bought 4×8′ sheets before, but they don’t have them now. I’ll have to change over to 3×5′ sheets and likely have more waste now since I’ve started the project to make good use of 4′ widths.

Go the the first Rona and as I’m checking out mention to the girl something about 4×8′ sheets. “Oh yes”, she says, “they’re in the next aisle!” And sure enough they were.

I don’t remember who we talked to on Saturday, so I can’t make a good voodoo doll. Please, if you work in retail be knowledgeable about the products you stock. If nothing else it will help me move forward.

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