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Stupid is as ….

3 February 2011

An excerpt from a Vanlug list thread. The OP’s dial-up modem would not connect to Telus service.

All that was required was to set

Stupid Mode = 1

in /etc/wvdial.conf and it worked. Seriously, that WAS the solution.

Here is the man entry

Stupid Mode
When wvdial is in Stupid Mode, it does not attempt to interpret any prompts from the terminal server. It starts pppd immediately after the modem connects. Apparently there are ISP’s that actually give you a login prompt, but work only if you start PPP, rather than logging in. Go figure. Stupid Mode is (naturally) disabled by default.

If only that Telus tech had told me:

“What’s that your running sir, Linux you say?!?… Oh, I know problem. Linux is too smart for our systems. You need to make your system more Stupid. Then it will work.”