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Canada Votes 2011!

23 April 2011

Canada Flag ImageSo. we’re having a federal election.

The government fell upon being found in contempt of parliament. I thought this was a serious disgrace. The sort of thing a Prime Minister would resign over.

But Prime Minister Harper says that Canadian’s don’t care about the government being in contempt of parliament and that this election is a dangerous and unnecessary exercise. I’m sure he knows best.

The list of ethical problems involving Harper’s Conservatives goes on and on. There are so many I really need to sit down and make a list. It seems to me that the Conservatives under Harper may be the most undemocratic and corrupt government we’ve had. Yet it seems there is a real possibility that Canada will elect the Harper Conservatives again! I guess we like the abuse.

I’ve posted a couple of opinion pieces on Youtube.

One entitled Conservative vs Green. Partly to promote the Green Party Vision Green, but more as a sort of rant over people still voting Conservative after all the crooked goings on that the media have informed us of. How can Canadians not be outraged? If you are Canadian and you haven’t read the Vision Green you really should.

Conservative vs Green

ABrainification did something similar a couple of weeks prior to mine. I just stumbled across it today. I think it’s better than mine, but mine’s more G rated.

Harper Government 3

The other Youtube thing I’ve done is titled The Harperies. A satirical awarding of several prizes to the Harper Conservatives. They’ve achieved some groundbreaking things.

The Harperies

The university students have been doing vote mobs all across the country. People are energized. I went to an advance poll and the lines were long. Perhaps we’ll at least have a respectable voter turnout this time. Even if Harper remains, a decent voter turnout will be a good consolation.

Perhaps one day we’ll have some form of proportional representation. Even Harper has written in favour of that. It’s one thing he and I could agree on. That is if he would still support it if he sits in the PM chair.