PM Harper – A Man to Get Things Done

In just two days PM Harper has flipped the bird to British Columbians, people everywhere affected by asbestos caused diseases and working Canadians.

– Appointed disgraced former BC Premier Campbell as High Commissioner to the UK. After various affronts to BC voters; among them impaired driving in Hawaii, the BC Rail mess, and finally HST, British Columbians thought Campbell had finally become so unpopular as to be driven from office. Now one wonders whether he may have just left so as to be available to accept his reward from the Harper government.

– Prevented inclusion of chrysotile asbestos in the Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent. Canada was the lone voice against listing chrysotile. When Canadians go to the hardware store and buy a potentially hazardous product, we expect it to be labelled with potential hazards and safe use instructions. Should people living in other countries be provided the same sort of label? Apparently not.

– Having shocked the world by preventing listing of chrysotile, Harper skipped debate on punitive back-to-work legislation against postal workers to celebrate St. Jean Baptiste Day at the asbestos mining heart in Quebec. A two-fisted bird flip to both asbestos related disease sufferers and Canadian workers at once.

No one can argue that Harper is not a man to get things done.

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