Taking Off My Jeans

It was a long time ago that I read of the damage to the Aral Sea and the lives of the people around it due largely to diversion of water for cotton farming. I became aware that cotton is one of the most, perhaps the most, chemical intensive crop we have.

Yet I wore cotton. Underwear, socks, jeans and t-shirts. Alternatives were hard to find and expensive. I kept buying cotton, but grew increasingly uneasy about it.

Recently organic hemp, bamboo and cotton shirts and socks have become more common. I started buying those items at All Things Being Eco in Chilliwack. But they didn’t have men’s pants. My jeans were wearing out. I didn’t want to buy more.

It took a trip to Vancouver, but I finally found an alternative to jeans. Mountain Equipment Coop ‘Walk Again Pants’. $39, 100% organic cotton. They feel as durable as jeans and more comfortable. Great pockets. I bought one pair when I was in Vancouver a while back. Yesterday I had opportunity to be in Vancouver again and bought two more.

I can finally take off my jeans for good.

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