Agreeing with Conservatives

It is an uncommon thing for me, but from time to time I do find myself agreeing with the Conservative Party of Canada.

One such instance occurred today when I read news that the Conservative Party of Canada had sent a letter to Michaela Keyserlingk of demanding that she stop using the CPC logo in the banner seen here.
Keyserlingk banner

While it is easy to sympathize with Keyserlingk for her husband’s death from asbestos-caused mesothelioma, it is also clear that the CPC logo should not have been used in this way without permission.

The copy of the banner that I found on-line and copied here for discussion has a little triangle in the CPC logo that does not appear in the actual CPC logo. Even so, I think it is fair to say that the logo is still close enough to the real CPC logo as to possibly create confusion between the two and lead one to think that the CPC may have somehow endorsed the banner. (I don’t know whether that triangle appeared in the original banner, maybe not)

In my opinion it would be ludicrous to present the idea that the CPC endorsed anything opposing the free and unfettered export of nice, safe, Canadian chrysotile asbestos. In fact Christian Paradis as Canada’s minister of Industry stated in November 2009;

“We have shown our support for the position of safe use of chrysotile by opposing twice the inclusion of chrysotile under the Rotterdam Convention, and be assured that as long as the Conservative government of Stephen Harper is in power, that’s how it will be.”

Listing chrysotile asbestos under the Rotterdam Convention would not ban sales of it, but would require that it be labeled as a hazardous substance. True to their word, the Harper government again successfully opposed listing chrysotile in June of 2011.

Clearly the CPC would not endorse Keyserlingk’s banner and the logo is misused in it. Fortunately we have the Harper government to take quick action against such abuses and to protect the Canadian economy from interference due to unimportant things like deaths caused by Canadian products overseas, where we sell the stuff now since it is too hazardous to use at home… um, in spite of being “safe” you see. So. Bad Keyserlingk! Eh?

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