Does religious fundamentalism steer Canadian policy?

I hope that this is one of my loopier thoughts, but I have to ask the question.

Does religious fundamentalism steer Canadian policy?

I have always assumed that the federal government under Mr Harper was simply working for corporate interests instead of Canadians. I assumed that things like Oda’s ‘Not’ document, or Clement’s $50 million, or the government being found in contempt of parliament were just signs of a lack of ethics.

Under Prime Minister Harper, a member of the evangelical Christian and Missionary Alliance, Canada has consistently worked against any action on Climate Change. With a “strong, national, Conservative majority government” in place we are seeing Environment Canada bear a heavy share of federal budget cuts. A Canadian scientist who is part of an international team that recently reported on an unprecedented northern ozone hole has been muzzled and told he may be cut as part of “streamlining” of ozone monitoring.

And soon Canada is to get a new Office of Religious Freedom. So we don’t have money for climate science, but we do have money for religious advocacy?

I have to wonder. If we had a Prime Minister who believed in a literal way that God created the heavens and the earth in seven days somewhere around three thousand years ago, might that explain Canada’s policies? Would that Prime Minister be certain that God would not have put fossil fuels (and asbestos) in the ground if He had not intended for us to use them? Would that Prime Minister believe that God would not allow us to screw up His planet Earth and that the same science that gave us the lie of evolution is also giving us the lie of Climate Change? Dinosaur bones put there by Satan to confuse us and all that?

Fortunate for Canada to have the Prime Minister to steer His children to the promised land of jobs and economic growth and to fend off the lies of the devil’s science! Such a Prime Minister would not have ethical conflicts. The government is doing God’s work, so something like writing “Not” on a document after two of three signatories had signed could not be wrong if it aligned with government policy.

Such a Prime Minister could explain a lot about Canada of late.

Someone please tell me this is a ridiculous thought.
Creation of Stephen Harper

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2 Comments on “Does religious fundamentalism steer Canadian policy?”

  1. jonnydropout Says:

    this is a ridiculous thought… stephen harper is the destruction of the middle class…. don’t doubt your instincts, as they will lead you to the truth more often then they will lead you astray…

    and read my blog, and comment often.. any questions you ask, i will answer. drunk as i am, all the time, i will attempt to be straightforward and truthful… in fact, i may be unable to do otherwise… and with any luck, we can drag canada into the twentieth century.

    alright… no more comments when i’m drunk… pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, and all that.. just let me know if you feel the political climate in canada is as fuct as i do…

    or if you want to go get a drink sometime…


  2. […] 3 October 2011 I asked on this blog “Does religious fundamentalism steer Canadian policy?” I wrote just on gut feeling and hoped I was way off […]

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