An Open Letter to Mark Strahl MP and Peter Kent Minister of Environment

I read today that $547,000 of funding through Environment Canada to the Canadian Environmental Network (CEN) is not being renewed. The CEN is a network that facilitates interaction between the government of Canada and over 600 environmental groups, helping the government to leverage the expertise and volunteer resources of those many groups.

Also today, I read news that the Harper government plans to spend $28 million commemorating the War of 1812. A war that occurred before Canada existed as a country.


Given that we all rely on healthy air, water and soil, and that volunteering can provide as much as 800% return on investment (National Council on Aging “The Boomer Solution: Skilled Talent to Meet Nonprofit Needs”), I have to question the government’s priorities.

Canadians who fought in the War of 1812 – 0
Commemorative funding – $28,000,000

Canadians who benefit from CEN – 34,615,8601
Funds to support CEN – $0

We should respect our history. However I think we would be better served to perhaps spend $27,453,000 commemorating the War of 1812 and $547,000 supporting the Canadian Environmental Network. I imagine that our pre-Canadian ancestors would agree that investing in our future is more important than investing in our past.

1 Stats Can Population Clock at time of writing

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