ISA virus found in BC wild salmon

The title sums it up. ISA virus found in Rivers Inlet sockeye smolts, diagnosed by the ISA reference laboratory at the Atlantic Veterinary College in P.E.I.

Below is a the text of an email I sent to BC ministers and my MLA

Honourable Don McRae, Minister of Agriculture
Honourable Terry Lake, Minister of Environment
John Les, MLA Chilliwack

Dear Sirs,

I am deeply troubled by news today that the Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) virus has been found in wild Rivers Inlet sockeye smolts examined by the ISA reference laboratory at the Atlantic Veterinary College in P.E.I.

As I understand, the salmon farms on our coast are a federal jurisdiction. However this finding calls for immediate action to protect BC wild salmon. I urgently request that you take whatever actions may be available at the provincial level and that you demand action from your federal counterparts.

I trust that you are well aware of the importance of wild salmon migrations to the coastal ecosystem and that you share my concern over this news. Below is a link to the announcement that I have just read.

Ian Stephen
Chilliwack, BC

UPDATE: Additional details and (lack of) response by BC government to the crisis on

UPDATE: Our governments remain in deny and obfuscate mode. U.S. authorities respond.

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4 Comments on “ISA virus found in BC wild salmon”

  1. Cea Says:

    You know you can create an online petition to be sent to him when signed and then circulate on social media sites? There are an awful lot of people who feel the same way and don’t know what to do about it.

    • isjustian Says:

      Yes, I’ve signed some of those on various topics. Maybe time I start one if one is not already up. Will have to look into it, thanks!

  2. G.J.W. Says:

    This is an atrocity. The Norwegians should be kicked out of Canada. They also had the gall, to divert our rivers for their dirty tar sands project. They have not one lick of respect for our eco systems.

    Those filthy diseased fish farms should have been ripped out, long, long ago. I wouldn’t blame the First Nations People if they tore them out. Salmon are a big part of their food source. Our bears, eagles and many wild creatures, depend on the salmon too. Campbell’s theft and sale of our rivers have also, destroyed many, many salmon runs.

    Someone really needs to swing for this abomination.

    • isjustian Says:

      Atrocity is right on. Unfortunately the First Nations side of it is more complicated than tearing the fish farms out. At the Cohen Commission I heard testimony of a First Nations community (I forget the name, damn my lousy memory) that has turned from fishing salmon to farming salmon due to the wild salmon crash caused, it seems, by the salmon farms! How’s that for an ironic spiral?

      My hope is that federal and provincial governments might see the light and partner with the industry to transition to land-based, closed containment farms. If they could get that done by about 2006 I’d be happy.

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