Quote of the Day

A new feature, “Quote of the Day”. May only happen today, but anyway here it is from Andrew Frank, former Senior Communications Manager for ForestEthics.

“When a government calls its own citizens enemies, you’ve lost your moral authority to govern.”

I’d really like to talk more on this. To point out that if Frank’s accusation is true the Harper government is going way beyond rhetoric. To point out parallels to the funding being swept out from under Franke James’ European art tour. To point out the synchronicity of Frank’s and Franke’s names (what is it with Harper and people with “Frank” in their names?) Unfortunately I’ve spent too much time on this today already. ForestEthics had a dial-in press conference this afternoon but I missed it. Am looking forward to hearing what they said.

Here’s some links;



And an update. Here’s what they said and what Ross McMillan, president and CEO of Tides Canada said.



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