Rich Coleman gaming again

A post by Laila Rich Coleman & GamingYuile lead me to a story in The Province about a BC justice system review. The story also contained this bit of news;

“Liquor and gaming, which also were under the eye of the solicitor general, are now the responsibility of the Rich Coleman, Minister of Energy and Mines.”

Sure, that makes sense. The gambles around mining and energy in this country will probably drive a lot of people to drink. Perfect sense.

Coleman was in charge of gaming as Housing Minister and as Solicitor General in the past, during periods when there were concerns raised over money laundering and privacy breaches. Now as Minister of Energy and Mines he’s handed gaming again. I guess he knows the players.

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One Comment on “Rich Coleman gaming again”

  1. Cea Says:

    Well I sure wish those “players” included two charities in which I’m involved, who are fiscally responsible and are thus being punished by being denied access to “Direct Access”

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