Let’s get off oil

The Province ran an article, “Residents deserve answers to oil plans”, which stated that “expanding ways to export oil is in Canada’s economic interest”.

The following is my response as printed in The Province 2 March 2012. Always nice when one of those letters gets printed.

Expanding oil exports is in the interest of only one vision of Canada’s economy, a vision that is short-sighted and outdated.

We need to grow our economy into the 21st century. We must transition away from the fossil-fuel-driven economy that is carrying us to climate catastrophe.

While making that transition we should use our resources to secure our own energy needs first. Exporting out to the west while importing in from the east makes us vulnerable at both ends to all the global uncertainties and price pressures that can affect energy markets.

We need more Green and independent representatives in all levels of government now to make the inevitable changes happen in a relatively controlled manner. Continuing with “business as usual,” as our major political parties seem bent on doing, means that future generations will have change forced on them in a whirlwind of crises.

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