Five days at Brew Creek

Brew CreekI just got home after five intense days at the Brew Creek Centre, about 20 km south of Whistler, BC. It was much snowier than this picture, but maybe even more beautiful for it.

I had the fabulous fortune to be invited up there in the company of some amazing people involved in the soon to be world famous Water Wealth Project.

Brew Creek is a beautiful space for gatherings and retreats. The setting is natural and peaceful, the staff unobtrusive yet always at hand to deal with any request. The food was beyond compare in my experience. I never had time to get hungry and it was all so good I was afraid of stepping on the scale when I got home!

It sometimes felt like we were just having a meal, and then a meal, and then a meal…. I suppose because the intensity made the time between meals fly while the relative pause to enjoy those meals made that time stand out. After five days I came home to a digital scale that tells me I’m one pound less than when I left! A testament to eating really healthy food.

“What did you learn?”, you ask. Well, once I’ve reviewed my notes and put some things into practise to really understand them I could tell you what I learned if you have five days to listen to me talk really, really fast! There was some human nature, some history, some technology, some science, some nature. It was wonderful! I learned to value stories more. And maybe to value people more which may make me more immune to the next time someone steps on my toes in one way or another.

I’ve heard these sort of retreats can be energizing. I know that for those five days I stayed up late each evening and woke before my alarm each day, and my first day home stayed up really late and woke before five excited to get going on things. So yes, these sort of retreats are energizing, thanks of course to the hard work of the people who organized the whole thing! If you’re looking for a place to take a group, I’d definitely recommend Brew Creek Centre.

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