Journey of Nishiyuu

Sorry if this page loads a little slow. I left the images large because I want people to be able to click on them to see the full-sized image and read details if they like.

Did you see the Nishiyuu walkers arrival at Victoria Island and Parliament Hill? If not, you are far from alone. The Prime Minister was clearly disinterested. Instead of greeting these young people who had started in mid-January from Whapmagoostui on the shore of Hudson Bay to walk 1600 kilometers to bring a message to the government, Harper was in Toronto greeting pandas who had been shipped by air from China. The media seemed to be equally disinterested in the Nishiyuu walkers, making it difficult for people who were interested to connect with events in Ottawa.

I looked for live coverage of this important conclusion to an epic journey and powerful expression of resilience and courage.

What I found was CBC and Occupy Toronto (This screenshot is taken as I write this on the 29th).

CBC on scene

CBC on scene, Victoria Island 25 March 2013

I like CBC, so wanted to find good coverage from them. Seeing the big truck they had there, it would appear they showed up to cover the event. Instead I saw a full 6 minutes of live coverage of a parked police car and about an equal amount of time watching an uncomfortable looking reporter playing with her hair. When the walkers left Victoria Island, CBC showed footage of it from a distance through some trees before going to a screen that read “Live Stream has ended”.

Meanwhile on Occupy Toronto’s Livestream one guy with a camera plugged into a laptop interviewed the walkers, organizers and supporters; showed what the people were served to eat at the stop on Victoria Island; took us in the midst of the crowd on the walk to Parliament Hill and gave us a front row view of the speeches, drumming, songs and tears as the thousands in attendance were welcomed to Algonquin territory, the arrival of the walkers was celebrated and Canada’s relationship with the First Peoples of this land was mourned. Occupy Toronto coverage continued after the event culminated in a giant round dance. It felt almost as good as being there.

Look at the image below (click the image to see it full-size). On the left are CBC live coverage. On the right are Occupy Toronto. Each pair of images, left and right, were taken from screenshots as near to the same time as switching from one browser tab to another would allow.

Nishiyuu arrival coverage, left - CBC, right - Occupy Toronto

Nishiyuu arrival coverage, left – CBC, right- Occupy Toronto

I have been resisting believing that main stream media is as controlled as many activists seem to believe. However, I can’t explain what I saw on the day of the arrival of the Nishiyuu walkers.

Occupy Toronto coverage can be viewed on their Livestream channel. The events on Victoria Island are interesting if you have time to watch the whole thing or maybe can watch it over a couple of sittings. The best part in my view starts about 2 hours and 30 minutes into the Occupy Toronto coverage, on the steps in front of the Parliament Buildings. Absolutely worth watching and important to watch in my opinion, though that is apparently contrary to the view of all the mainstream media in Canada.

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3 Comments on “Journey of Nishiyuu”

  1. 1. Harper hates First Nations’ sovereignty, and disdains their rights and title;
    2. Harper has been chopping funding and taking whatever measures possible to rein in and control the CBC (another step in controlling dialogue in Canada);
    3. Put 1 + 2 together, and don’t you think Harper through some senior official had a direct hand in CBC’s abortive coverage of an event he went out of his way to pre-empt himself? OH LOOK, A PANDA!

    • isjustian Says:

      I think you’ve nailed it. That there was a CBC truck, camera person and reporter on site suggests to me that they intended to cover it. Watching the reporter fidget with her hair and have nothing to say … the only explanation I could come up with was that they set out to cover the event and once on site received orders not to. Perhaps cameras rolling on a reporter saying nothing was itself the message the CBC crew wanted to get out.

      • We’re definitely on the same page here (literally as well as figuratively… :o)

        Our Crime Minister has a way of bringing together the all sorts of people.

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