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Ebooks Revisited

1 March 2012

digital bookBack in August 2010 I wrote a rant about ebooks and DRM, “Canadian DMCA (Bill C-32) and ‘my life of crime; part 2′“.

Today I was dragged back into the ebook swamp by Rafe Mair, damn him. I saw his post about his new book “The Home Stretch” being published on-line. The book sounded interesting and Rafe fights the good fights, the Charlottetown Accord and Northern Gateway being the two that stand out for me. So I thought I should buy Rafe’s book.

I couldn’t find a PDF version anywhere, but did discover that there is a Kobo app for Android. I have an Android tablet. A fairly useless toy of a computer, but a handy size to read on. So I installed the Kobo app, rediscovered my old password and purchased the book through the Kobo app.

It was an easy process and didn’t force me to buy a new device to read a book, so I guess the ebook scene has improved a wee bit since 2010.

I didn’t read the licence agreement though.

The Anti-iPad?

12 July 2010

I haven’t taken a closer look at this yet, but this review on Mike Crane’s iPad Test certainly makes the Pandigital Novel look interesting!

Pandigital Novel

Netbook E-reader

3 July 2010

Hey! Look at this!

enTourage eDGe

btw what’s happening with cApitAl leTterS In thiS LanGuage?

Oops, nevermind. They seem to be gone. 😦