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MPG -> L/100KM || L/100KM -> MPG

4 April 2009

Here’s a handy.  With peak oil just around the corner a lot of people should be looking for more economical transportation (not to mention alternatives).  For comparisons, to convert between litres per 100 km and miles per (imperial) gallon just divide 282.481 by the number you are converting from.  ie 282.481 / l/100km = mpg and 282.481 / mpg = l/100km.

That 282.481 is the product of the number of miles in 100km and the number of litres in an imperial gallon.  So if 282.481 is hard to remember, try 62 miles in 100km (roughly) times 4.54 litres in an imperial gallon = 281.48.  Close enough if it means the difference between remembering and not. For example;

281.48 / 8.4 l/100km = 33.51 mpg

282.481 / 8.4 l/100km = 33.63 mpg

Of course having written this I’ll probably remember the 282.481 now.  🙂