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Stupid is as ….

3 February 2011

An excerpt from a Vanlug list thread. The OP’s dial-up modem would not connect to Telus service.

All that was required was to set

Stupid Mode = 1

in /etc/wvdial.conf and it worked. Seriously, that WAS the solution.

Here is the man entry

Stupid Mode
When wvdial is in Stupid Mode, it does not attempt to interpret any prompts from the terminal server. It starts pppd immediately after the modem connects. Apparently there are ISP’s that actually give you a login prompt, but work only if you start PPP, rather than logging in. Go figure. Stupid Mode is (naturally) disabled by default.

If only that Telus tech had told me:

“What’s that your running sir, Linux you say?!?… Oh, I know problem. Linux is too smart for our systems. You need to make your system more Stupid. Then it will work.”

Netbook E-reader

3 July 2010

Hey! Look at this!

enTourage eDGe

btw what’s happening with cApitAl leTterS In thiS LanGuage?

Oops, nevermind. They seem to be gone. 😦

Me, myself and iWidgets

2 July 2010

The old laptop is showing signs of imminent doom. It is mainly used by my partner and all she uses is the browser. She likes to get comfy on the couch with it like a good book. I thought that an Apple iPad might be ideal for this sort of user.

Then I heard that the iPad doesn’t do Flash. “Wow”, I thought, “there’s a lot of Flash content online. Why doesn’t it do Flash?” Well, it doesn’t do Flash because Apple doesn’t want it to. Opinions online seem split between it being a quality (of the iPad experience) control thing or a market share thing. A quality control thing I could live with. A market share thing offends me. The consumer should not be acceptable collateral damage in market share wars.

Next I heard that the iPad does not have USB ports! How do I connect all my other devices? Dunno! How do I get photos from camera to iPad? Oh, buy adapters from Apple! This might not offend me if the adapters were included with the iPad. As it stands this seems like milking the user.

Then there’s apps. It seems apps can only be installed via Apple’s App store where only apps approved by Apple get to be.

As a Linux user I’m used to doing whatever I want with my machines, including installing apps I want from wherever, including making my own little apps, including even screwing up the system on occasion and having to fix it.

The Apple product is seductively beautiful in a femme fatale kind of way. The dark side is that Apple seems to view its customers as mere consumers. Nay, less than consumers. Like factory farmed chickens to be fed what Apple decides they’ll be fed.

Sorry Apple. I like being a free range chicken. A wild turkey even. Or maybe a wild penguin. The more I find out about Apple products the more I think I won’t be buying any of them. My partner may get a tablet of some sort, but it will run Linux. It will be our machine, not the manufacturer’s, and we’ll enjoy the freedom to do as we like with it.

Green Computing

5 April 2009

Quite a bit of my screen time lately has been at the keyboard of a Norhtec Microclient Sr. This little machine uses 5 to 7 watts of power, a tenth of the power of a full-sized PC. It’s only a 500 Mhz processor, so it is not fast. Still, just prior to this post I was using, GIMP, Freemind and Firefox all at once on Mandriva 2009 with KDE and the speed was quite acceptable. The Microclient is fanless and I run it using a compact flash card instead of a hard drive so the system is also completely silent.

Save power, save money, save space. I am looking forward to trying the 1 Ghz Microclient Jr DX soon!