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Missed signs

10 June 2012

Walking on Granville Island yesterday, Cary said “Look!”

Looking up I was treated to the awe-inspiring sight of a bald eagle flying right over us.

When I looked down again, directly in front of us was a store named Eagle Spirit Gallery.

bald eagle

Could this be a sign? The guiding hand of fate? The fork in the road that would lead to my destiny?

Probably. I totally missed it though, distracted by the sights, sounds and smells of Granville island.

So, perhaps I missed my destiny, but we did find a really great place to buy an umbrella!

The Umbrella Shop, owned by third generation umbrella maker Glen Flader. His grandparents Ida and Isy Flader began making umbrellas in Vancouver in 1935. According to the store’s business card they are the only umbrella manufacturer left in Canada.

The lady who helped us was super helpful. Umbrellas ranged from dainty, delicate things to ones that seemed like they were made of tent canvas. Some were truly beautiful and prices were very reasonable even by my stingy standards. Their website does not do the store justice, so you really need to see their wares in person.

If you’re in the neighbourhood of Granville Island, check it out. Maybe you’ll even find your destiny!