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Canadian Veterans National Day of Protest

5 November 2011

Canada Maple LeafVeterans and supporters gathered today to march on the Strahl Constituency office in Chilliwack and express dissatisfaction with both actions and inactions of the federal government in it’s duty to care for Canada’s veterans.

Unlike 2010 when the previous Strahl did not attend, Mark Strahl was present and addressed the crowd. I wondered whether it was good strategy to tell this crowd what a good job the government is doing for veterans. Aside from points raised by other speakers, the very fact that veterans feel the need to protest suggests quite a different story. However, MP Strahl — a member of the Defense Committee — did also assure those present that he would listen to their concerns and work to resolve them.

I wish MP Strahl all success in this area. Certainly on any list of people a nation must not fail, veterans have earned a place at the top.

Learn more and show your support for our veterans at the Canadian Veterans Advocacy site.