BC Tanker Exclusion Zone

No TankersThere is never enough time to read as much as I would like, let alone write. Recent suggestions that the tanker exclusion zone on BC’s coast did not exist made me do some reading today.

Thanks to the Facebook group “Pipe Up Against Enbridge” and other wonders of the Internet, it did not take long to satisfy myself that the tanker exclusion zone does in fact exist. I count it as one of our country’s treasures.

Here is the evidence I found in an hour or so of looking. You be the judge, is there a BC Tanker Exclusion Zone?

This Canadian Coast Guard web page says there is.

This Natural Resources Canada web page says there is.
(You might want to read your own website Minister Oliver)

This BC Marine Transportation map (PDF) shows one.

This 1989 report to the Premier (PDF) talks about one.

This search result from the BC government website suggests one, but I get server errors about not being able to connect to the database when I try to get the web page. Perhaps someone is busy shredding documents.

… Centre for Energy – Oil and Natural Gas; Canadian Coast Guard – Information on the Tanker Exclusion Zone for Canada’s West Coast. …

I have screenshots of the web pages (other than that last one) and copies of the PDFs in case the originals go the way of those White House emails and the socks from the dryer.

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